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To bring about a transformation in society by enhancing the utility and quality of learning through research

Relentless pursuit of knowledge is essential to sustain improvements in any domain. An organized pursuit of such knowledge is research. It is through sustained and focused research that humanity has solved a plethora of problems, be it in the domains of engineering, policy, science, economics or medicine.

Prayoga Institute for Education Research conducts rigorous research that addresses the nation's most pressing education needs in school education. Prayoga is currently focused on school-level Science and Mathematics learning.

Prayoga would like to support education researchers as well as those who use the research outcomes in order to enhance pedagogical practices.



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Education is fundamental to the growth of a nation. School-level education forms the foundation to the nature of minds and human resource capital the country is able to build and harness. In the rapidly changing world, the relevance of a good education system is even more. The Indian education system, as many agree, has been caught in a time-warp. There is a dire need to transform education to not just meet the current needs, but the needs of the future as well. In a country as large and diverse as ours, this task seems onerous. Hence, there is a need for a large number of initiatives, from within the government as well as outside it, to take on this challenge. Prayoga is one such initiative to contribute to nation building through its focus on Education Research.

Fund a Prayoga Cause you believe in

In order to realize our vision of bringing about a transformation in the society by enhancing the utility and quality of learning at the school level, we need the support and contributions of socially-driven people and organizations with deep concern for educational reforms. We sincerely hope that with your association, participation and support, Prayoga’s work towards building a solid foundation for school-level education in our country and improving standards and frameworks will be significantly bolstered.

Support the Education of a Girl Child

The progress of society depends on the education of women. An educated woman plays an important role in educating her next generations. Preferential education of a girl child is necessary to bring down the gender discrimination. One educated girl child forms the epicenter of change in the community. Prayoga has initiated in educating and enhancing the scientific skills among girl children to empower them choose a profession allied with science.

Support a First Generation Learner

Every child should be provided with an equitable and inclusive classroom. No child should be deprived of quality education. The Samagra Shiksha scheme of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development supports the idea of ‘education for all’

At Prayoga, we aim at fulfilling the nation’s vision of providing quality science education to every child and allow them to experience science and technology in a real sense. We aim to provide opportunities and experiences for first generation learners who are deprived of support and facilities. Our focus is to elevate the first generation learners to understand the process of Science rather than the products of science. 

Support a rural child’s learning for a year

Every child is important to us. Rural areas are the sky for many stars but most of them are lost due the lack of a suitable learning environment. The educational opportunities provided to rural children help in unfurling their abilities. Prayoga envisions to thin down the differences between the children of Urban and Rural areas as every child is born with unique capabilities. Change starts with one! Enable one rural child to learn experientially and help transform our society. 

General Fund

General Fund is created and maintained by Prayoga to cover general expenses not specific to a project/cause/need. This helps cover expenses vital to the running of the organization. Expenses such as administrative expenses and various overheads are paid from the General Fund. General Fund is maintained to help Prayoga meet the donation gap created when donors donate only to a specific project/cause/need or any unexpected expense which may arise during the course of running the organization.

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