Kriya @ School

A Case Study

How experiential learning pedagogy was implemented and helped transform a rural school in Karnataka


Before Kriya

At the onset of kriya at schools, one school associated with Kriya had only a single teacher teaching science. The regular rote learning and the 'lecture method' was predominantly in practice. The attitude of ‘learners cannot be controlled if activities are provided, classroom management becomes a problem' prevailed.

The class was dormant, the questions were seldom posed by children. The students sat facing the blackboard. 


Qualitative measure Impact

A drastic improvement in the dynamics of the class made the learners to pose questions that require critical thinking. Classes are no more the 'quiet learning spaces', but dynamic laboratories where every child questions before accepting the results. The development of the habit of inquiry is predominant to the personality of the learners.

Teachers enjoy exploring with their children, they facilitate the learning. A teacher quoted 'it is satisfying to see them smile when they discover'. One teacher has influenced many others. “We try teaching the same way in other classes also and it has been effective. Students love our classes' is the words of a teacher. 


Learning Transformation

Such transformations in each school, with no cost to the learner can make science learning effective and a life-long joy.

Kriya @ School

Kriya @ School

Dr. H.S.Nagaraja, Chief Mentor Prayoga

"Prayoga conducts research that addresses the nation's most pressing school education needs. Our focus is on Science and Mathematics, to start with."


Children Engaged


Teachers Engaged


Schools Transformed